Jon + Kate + 8 – important parts of Jon

Walking around with twins tends to break the ice a little in public places and we get asked questions a lot. One of the most common (after “Are they identical?” and “Do they keep you busy?”) is “Have you seen Jon and Kate Plus 8?”. And the answer to that is “yes.” I think Sarah started watching it before we even knew we were having twins. We haven’t been keeping up with it recently (we’re a little busy) but we have noticed some similarities in our family situations even though theirs is much more intense. Some have even compared me to Jon, and yes we both are fathers of multiples, work in IT, and spend a lot of time at home. But there are important differences, too. Jon is in his thirties, has eight kids, and is married to a controlling woman who much of the time treats him like an employee with a performance problem and doesn’t appreciate him. I, on the other hand, am in my forties and have four kids.

Still this report shocked me deeply. I absolutely cannot understand why a man like Jon would be interested in going to parties with college girls or staying out late at clubs with women. It’s SO much more fun for a guy to stay home for the 45 minutes between the kids’ bedtime and his bedtime, read email, and feed the cats. What was Jon thinking?

One thing is for sure, though. Even if someone could somehow convince me that I wanted to party with college girls’ volleyball teams and go out to clubs, I would never do it. Because Jon and I have one thing completely in common: our wives would kill us.

Goodbye, Jon. I’ll be thinking of you while I feed the cats.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well I guess it’s obvious having losts of kids and multiples will separate the men from the boys. Obviously Jon still wants to be a boy!

    Good to see you posting again. Emily

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