Iris Luella Kelley!

Iris was born today at 5:53 PM. She was 8 pounds, 10 ounces in weight, 22 inches long, and no, she is not giving you the finger. Look carefully and you’ll see it’s the wrong finger.

Iris was born by C-section because she was breech. Speaking as a breech baby myself (who was born the old fashioned way back before C-sections were invented) a C-section is definitely the way to go for a baby who is pointed north. Vaginal birth is humiliating when you’re breech. It’s not just the bad first impression you make by backing into the world and introducing your butt to everyone before they’ve even seen your face. It’s also the whole idea that you’ve basically screwed up your first task ever. Everything is provided for you in there, all you have to do is face down. It’s just not a good start, and a C-section is a graceful way to get around all of it and get a clean start.

Anyway, word is that Megan and Iris are well. I can only guess that while Megan is the one who had the tougher day, Iris is doing most of the complaining. And this is just the beginning.

Congratulations to mother, father, aunts, and grandparents of various rank (Clara was just promoted to ‘Great-Grandma’!).

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  1. Meg

    ok, I don't know if this makes me a bad mom or what, but I'm TIRED of looking at that picture of Iris! How are YOUR kids? 😛 Love you guys! PS Iris wore the little white snugglie thing (with bunnie? bear? aardvark? ears…has a plaid tummy & is super cute!) that I believe was inherited from Kennedy/Shepard. It is so cute!

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