An Anxious Moment

Grace: Dad, will you open the washing machine?
Dad: [suspiciously] Why Grace?
Grace: Because it’s stuck.
Dad: [more suspiciously] Why do you need it open?
Grace: To wash some clothes.
Dad: [sternly] What happened to the clothes, Grace?
Grace: They got dirty.
Dad: [more sternly] Grace, how did the clothes get dirty?
Grace: [pause] Barbie got them dirty.
Dad: [exasperated] Oh, so Barbie did it. Grace, what is on the clothes?
Grace: I don’t know.
Dad: [sigh] [pause] [On the way to the laundry room] Okay, I’m coming.
Grace: [from the living room] No, not that one, Daddy. The one in Barbie’s Dream House.
Dad: [relieved] Oh! Yeah, I’ll open that one right now!

2 thoughts on “An Anxious Moment

  1. Anonymous

    Of course it was Barbie’s washing machine!!! How silly of you to think otherwise. How many ‘other’ washing machines are in the house? They may need maintenance as well!?

    Take care, Emily

  2. Anonymous

    Have you told Barbie she needs to be more careful with the clothes yet? Michaela’s Barbies were real trouble makers and I cannot recall any moment when Barbie was good!


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