A Fairey Tale

I display this image not for political reasons. This isn’t that kind of blog.

There is something significant about this now famous poster, though. It was created (independently) by an artist named Shepard Fairey of South Carolina. While his last name must have made middle school a little rough (especially for an aspiring artist), he nailed the first name. He even spelled it right.

The poster – which elicits either retro-coolness or totalitarian leader-worship, depending on your perspective – was eventually adopted by the Obama campaign with the word “Progress” replaced by “Change.”

So I post this poster not to rub it in for those who aren’t celebrating today, but just to make the case that we weren’t entirely off-target when we chose the name “Shepard.” The Obama-voting artistic Fairies of South Carolina apparently liked the name, too.

The timing is just a coincidence.

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