Twin Milestones

These startlingly cute “jackets” from Grandma Burke are creating quite a reaction whereever I take the twins. It’s the ears that make the outfits. Kennedy and Shepard love the warmth, but of course they can’t see the ears. Someday they’re going to get old enough to check this blog and I’m going to be in trouble.
A couple of milestones over this past week or so:
  1. Kennedy has popped out the beginnings of a lower tooth. It’s just the start, but Kennedy and a babysitter both noticed it before Sarahjane and I did. 
  2. Both babies can now get up on all fours. Neither of them are moving very fast yet, and when they do move they are limited to reverse. But it tells me my days of parking them in one room and expecting them to stay are almost over. By now, the cats should know that their days of relative quiet are over, too.

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