Think they look tired?

You should see Grandma. She spent the day with them.

Grace, Shepard, and Sarah were all sick today. I had it last week. Harrison had it first. Kennedy is the only one to dodge the bullet so far.

One thought on “Think they look tired?

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Uncle Scott!

    So it happens to be one of those wonderful college nights where sleep escapes me, when I thought I'd poke around online and see what the Orwig's were up to. First things first, I think my roommate is now officially sick of hearing how cute and amazing my 4 little cousins are! Thanks for putting all the pictures up! After looking at your blog for oh I don't know an hour or so I started to get into the "Claire's sick days" posts. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping everyone so updated, you did a very good job! It was also nice to read those posts because much of my hospital stay I do not remember, so every bit of information counts. So to wrap things up, thanks for all the get well wishes and keeping everyone informed during my time of need, and KEEP THE PICTURES COMING! (I just can't get enough of them, they're are too cute!) Thanks again!

    Love always,
    your favorite niece Claire <3

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