Bloggus interruptus

It’s going to sound like I’m making excuses (because I am) but there are a few reasons I haven’t been able to post very often. One of them is my utter lack of uninterrupted time at the computer. As I type this, Harrison has taken over Sarah’s computer, tossing regular questions my way (“Dad, what does this say?”, “Dad, where do I click now?”, “Dad, can we get this?”, and the always popular “Dad look at this. Dad look at this. Dad look at this.”). In a few minutes Grace will approach wanting to use the computer, and a fight will ensue. Finally Harrison will have stretched his time as long as possible (the last 10 minutes just to annoy Grace as she stands there and whines), and she will sit down. Then she’ll say “Dad, can I play the Strawberry Shortcake game?”, which actually means “Dad, will you stand up and come over here, put the keyboard back where it goes, find the Strawberry Shortcake page, adjust the volume (or I’ll scream!), remind me how to play (or I’ll cry!), and then get up to help me every 90 seconds when I get stuck?”.

I’m about ready to make each kid a computer, put it in their room, and tell them they can do whatever they want for as long as I want as long as they give me a little time to …


… He wanted to register for a website. That’s a guaranteed 10-minute pain in the . . . I mean, an opportunity to teach typing, computers, and Internet safety.

In other words, I could post a lot more frequently here (and also respond to emails, program, live a life of my own, etc) if it weren’t for all this PARENTING.

Notice I haven’t mentioned the twins. They’re easy. Despite the hinted opinion of more than one relative that having the twins was a bad thing to do to Harrison and Grace because they sacrifice in a zero-sum parenting game, I don’t think the twins are having a negative impact at all. The babies’ needs are very different, finite, and predictable at this point. And what they give back to the whole family is immeasurable.

Ask me about this again when our driveway is full of cars, or we’re paying college tuition for four.

I had much more to say, but a fight is breaking out over exactly how the desk chair should be positioned.

2 thoughts on “Bloggus interruptus

  1. Anonymous

    The age of children AND technology. I understand how that works. Wait until they get into a hobby like WebKins or something of that sort where stuffed animals have their own world online. Being inquisitive is a great thing but for a parent, it is difficult. As for the twins, they are not taking away from Grace and Harrison, in fact they add to the depth and personality of each as Grace and Harrison do for the twins. In fact I think having siblings help to add to responsibility and what not. Sorry your bloggus was intruptedus.


  2. Scott Orwig

    Yes, we have dipped our toes into the great time and money suck that is Webkinz. HJ has a snake named “Lou”. Lou lives on his bed but also “in the cloud,” the paradox of such not bothering Harrison at all. That, and his understanding of the games and currency of the Webkinz world makes Harrison already more advanced than me!

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