It’s been a while since I’ve written. It hasn’t been from lack of news, or even from lack of time. I might describe the problem as a writer’s block, but it’s really been more of a writer’s clog.

See, a couple of weeks (or so) ago, I started an entry about my recent anxieties. The main idea was that things are great for our family right now, but for various job-related reasons the situation is tenuous, and that is making me anxious. No matter how many times I rewrote it, it came across as exactly the sort of overly internal, things-you-should-be-saying-to-a-therapist posting that turned me off to blogging in the first place. So I kept saving it as a draft rather than posting it. Days, went by, then weeks.

To finally break the clog let me just boil it down to two bullets and delete the rest:

  • Things are tough for lots of people right now. People we know, even family members, are having to uproot themselves and make major lifestyle changes on a daily basis. Despite some bright spots, this region – which has been home to our families for generations – is withering.
  • If something happens to Sarah’s job we’ll be okay but we’ll have to give up a lot. Some are material things, which I’ve come to care about a lot less in recent years (although I would really miss the view from our bedroom window). Far worse, though, is that we’ll almost certainly have to move away. Far away. I can’t begin to describe how painful that would be. We made the decision years ago to stay in this area because this is where our family is.

So that’s it. Less literary than my earlier efforts, but at least I feel can click “Publish” on this one and move on.

Moving on . . .

3 thoughts on “Unclogged

  1. Anonymous

    Let me say that as someone who has had to pick up and move our family 3 times over the years it has always worked out beautifully. I think having the kids get re-integrated into a new routine or environment forces the parents to get sucked in as well and before you know it you have a whole new wonderful busy life that you can’t imagine not having. Fear of the unknown is always scarry, but there is comfort if you know that you will be doing it as a family, and you guys certainly have strength in numbers!! Emily

  2. Scott Orwig

    Thanks Emily. It’s helpful to have the perspective of someone who has actually had to do it. I know we’ll be okay if it comes to that, and it could even be an adventure. I just wish we could take the extended family (those still in town!) with us.

    Anyway, nothing is imminent. Didn’t mean to frighten anyone.

  3. Anonymous


    You can always count on me to lessen your anxieties, so here goes…”WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” “WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?” “YOU ARE TAKING THOSE KIDS OUT OF THIS AREA OVER MY DEAD BODY!” “I’LL KILL YOU!”

    Anyway, hope that helps. I know youre not going anywhere, and I am not going to worry about it. Hey, did I tell you I just got a great deal on boat tickets, its called the Titanic – she’s unsinkable, she is!

    Love you, Amy

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