The Bow Just Makes It Worse

Larry had his lion cut and bath today at the vet. You see the glow in his eyes? That’s not flash. It’s hate.

The Larry capture went much better this morning than in the past, which is good because just Wednesday I finished my course of antibiotics from the last time. Sarah and I both wore thick work gloves, and when Larry was cornered on the stairs we threw a towel over him. He didn’t fight much after that.

We put Larry in a “soft” carrier, the kind made like a gym bag with lots of mesh. While Sarah got ready to go she put him by the front door. Larry is terrified of doorbells (it means kitticidal people are waiting to get in the house). When the babysitter rang the doorbell, the cat carrier started to shake and actually moved across the floor. Gravity and physics in general are no match for Larry Terror. We must never try to travel by air with Larry. If shampoo is too dangerous for airplanes then trying to smuggle Larry aboard would have to be considered a terrorist act.

Apparently Larry was quite the rug when they extracted him at the vet, though, and he didn’t have to be sedated. Nobody lost any blood. Larry came back with no tangles and smelling pretty. You can see from the pictures they had to get pretty close to the skin.

The bow, I think, is just rubbing it in.

Edward also had an adventurous day at the vet. He had four molars pulled (under general anesthetic) because of decay. Edward had a canine tooth pulled about a year ago for the same reason. I wasn’t too worried about him losing the canine because (a) as an indoor cat he has never had to incapacitate prey by biting the jugular, and (b) general principle (he is a feline, not a canine). But I was worried he wouldn’t be able to crunch his dry food as well with the missing molars. So far, though, he’s doing OK. I guess if the “sick” teeth were sore, he might actually do better now.

Overall, Edward is doing much better than I would if I had four teeth pulled.

So for Louis, Larry, and Edward, it’s been a tough week. Ivan, you’re next . . .

2 thoughts on “The Bow Just Makes It Worse

  1. Sarah

    If it makes you feel any better, Larry chewed the bow off that night and left it for us on the family room floor with a tuft of hair still attached. I suppose it was better than him eating the bow and then barfing it back up on the family room floor.

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