Flex Time

Well, hello there Reader. I see you’re checking out the new Ford Flex. Pretty nice, isn’t it? Between you and me, I think this could be one of the vehicles that saves Ford Motor Company. Remember the Taurus? No, the first one. This could be the next Taurus.

The price? You cut right to the chase, don’t you Reader? I admire that. Well, Reader, it costs less than you’d think for a vehicle like this. After all, Bold Styling, Seats Seven, 24mpg (your mileage may vary) – this thing has got it all.

I have one of these at home. At the moment The Wife is diving it while we wait for her new car to come in. But I did get to take the whole family out in it over the weekend. Let me tell you, Reader, it turns heads. The Wife is always getting questions about it. Don’t you think your Significant Other would like it?

Yes, Reader, Ford got it right with this one. More even than the Fusion and the Edge, this car shows what they can do when they aren’t just going for size. I do hope people will give it a look. I’m from a third generation Ford family, after all. Ford was distracted by the windfalls of cheap gas, but cars like this show that they’re finally coming around.

No, no flexible fuels just yet, Reader. That’s not what “Flex” refers to. It still runs on gasoline. I’ve got to think, though, that Ford has a plan. After all, the competition is getting heavily into electric. There’s also hydrogen. Clearly gasoline’s days are numbered. I’m sure someone at Ford has a plan, right Reader? Right?

If you’re interested, Reader, The Wife has an X-Plan discount code she could give you. And believe me, if you’ve got a Significant Other and four kids then the Flex is the coolest way I’ve seen to get them around.

What, Reader? You don’t have four kids? Well, I’ve got the name of a guy in LA who can help you out, Reader. Price? There you go again, Reader. Right to the chase. I admire that.

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