Today Harrison James Orwig, the First Orwig Son, was officially the first Orwig of his generation to complete the First Grade. He has already made his First Mess and had his First Fight with the First Orwig Daughter. His father expects the First Boredom to arrive tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. Anonymous


    Hey! Love you blog, havent been able to read it much. I am having a hard time understanding what exactly Twitter is? Please explain. I see a number of peoples pictures, I can’t figure it out?


    Love, Amy

  2. Scott Orwig

    Twitter ( is just a place to write short messages about what you’re doing and an easy place for others to keep track. It’s like a tiny blog (some say “microblog”) that only allows 140 characters per post. Once you start “following” a few people you know and/or people with similar interests, all your posts appear together on the Twitter page. It kind of creates the impression that the others are on the other side of a cubicle wall, although they may be on the other side of the world. It’s a way of virtually spending time with a group.

    It struck me as crazy at first. I was really just interested in setting up and following a Twitter feed for the house so I could follow what was happening (lights, movement, phone calls, etc) from work. But it quickly gets addictive once you make a few connections with people, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have much contact with other nerds.

    There are a few Twitter “celebrities” followed by thousands of people, but mostly people just form small communities of friends, family, and interest groups.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the explation. Still only partially get it, but I will check out the website and see if it makes sense to me. You know how computer literate I am, it takes me a while- or a long while. And by the way, I also need to come over to your or moms house to get more songs on my ipod. I think I am ready to actually buy songs. I have almost all my CD’s “downloaded” (are you impressed?) on my pod!

    Loved the link to Mike Johnson, I almost didnt recognize him!

    Please squeeze all kids for me.


  4. Anonymous

    What a handsome lad! Glad he’s enjoying the pool! Loved seeing the baby pictures of him. I can see the “grown-up” side he now shows in those pictures. what an adorable little boy-person. Please give him kisses and hugs from Aunt Kathy too.

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