A Few Things

  • Like so many, our lifestyle doesn’t allow much room for error. I went out of town for a conference for a few days and it just about brought this house and Grandma Labuta’s to their knees! The same thing would happen if anyone else left town.
  • Being a parent of four, for me, is like some unique part of Hell: When I’m here, I sometimes long for peace and quiet and the ability to think without interruption. Then when I go away and get the chance, I immediately can’t wait to get back. I spent three days up north with a gorgeous private room at the resort pictured at left. Fireplace, whirlpool tub, indoor/outdoor pool, wireless Internet, free drinks in the bar, full kitchenette, all day in tech training – couldn’t wait to get back.
  • Harrison had some boys (first time with just boys) over yesterday for a “pool party”. That is the way to have a party. The whole thing was outside. They had a blast, and when the whole thing was over they went home and we went inside. The slight mess of potato-chip crumbs blew away. Heck, I could do that once a week. Boys-only took more energy than a mixed party, though.
  • Our Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner continues to work pretty well for us. Well, it works well for Sarah. I must confess I always enjoyed the convenience of a shower that seemed occasionally to clean itself as if by magic (A secret: husbands share the secret knowledge that Magical Cleaning Forces will work on the shower, toilets, and floors if you just wait long enough). Despite our positive experience, though, the gadget website Gizmodo has a review that is somewhat less positive.

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