The Safest Form of Travel?

In what must be the most extreme attempt ever to procure upgraded seating, Emily (Sarah’s sister, for those who don’t know the Jersey wing of the family) has apparently developed deep vein clots in her legs and pulmonary embolisms. Pulmonary embolisms, if untreated, can be quite dangerous. Fortunately these clots were diagnosed and Emily is currently hospitalized and on blood thinners. She hopes to be released today or Saturday.

Emily’s story is that when flying back from Copenhagen on business she was forced to take Economy class, where the restricted movement allowed the clots to form. I can sympathize with the restricted movement. In our last flight to LA I was unable to cross my legs or even hold my paperback book at a comfortable angle. Those Danish airlines must be even worse. I can only assume that part of the treatment in the hospital is to seat Emily in a large leather chair with plenty of legroom and bring her hot towels regularly.

Emily’s effort to guarantee Business Class seating in the future is admirable, but it could backfire. What if they decide to transport her by boat from now on? Or even worse, Viking ship, where the constant rowing would be sure to keep the circulation going? This is a dangerous game she’s playing.

Claire graduates on Sunday, so we all hope Emily is feeling well and the doctors determine it is safe for her to move about New Jersey by then.

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