HJ Well

Harrison (seen here resting with Shepard) just got on the bus. He’s doing much better today. Sarah got him to the doctor yesterday, where he still had a fever but not strep throat. What does strep throat have to do with stomach pain? I have no idea. His throat was red so that’s what they checked. My diagnosis of appendicitis was entirely ignored.

Grandma watched Grace and the twinlets while Sarah took Harrison, and after the appointment it was Grandma’s turn with Harrison. She took him over to her house. I don’t know what sorts of dark Grandma magic she worked on him, but when he came home he was energetic and cool to the touch. Harrison was so much cheerier it didn’t even upset him too much when we said he would be going back to school today.

Grace seems fine. Coincidentally, the twinlets have a check-up this morning, so if they have any hidden symptoms (we haven’t noticed any) there will be a chance of catching them today.

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