HJ Sick

Harrison is missing his third day of school today. He’s got a fever and a stomach ache. He’s also complained about his ears and throat occasionally, but I’m not sure if those are real or thrown in for good measure to make sure we don’t send him to school. Harrison (pictured here laying inches from the newborns before we knew he was sick) is not faking the fever. Whatever he’s got, I blame Aunt Amy. She was the last one to see him healthy.

Being a calm and reasonable parent, I immediately jumped to a diagnosis of appendicitis, but the pain seems to be moving in the wrong direction. Sarah is going to try to get him a doctor appointment.

Harrison and I just had the following conversation as I stepped out of the bathroom from my shower and found him laying next to Sarah in our bed:

HARRISON (as I felt his forehead): I’m not going to school today.
ME: I know. I’m just feeling to see if you have a fever. How is your stomach?
HARRISON: Mom already said I’m not going to school today.
ME: I know, but how is your stomach?
HARRISON: I’m not . . .
ME: Harrison, I agree you should stay home. You have a fever. Now how do you feel?

Hopefully he’ll be feeling better today. And hopefully this is where Aunt Amy’s affliction stops. Grace was acting cranky yesterday . . .

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Blog: You have to shorten your stuff, it’s tooooo long for this old lady.I don’t sit long at the computer.My back aches, my legs get touchy. So give me short stuff.I hope Harrison is on the mend and you will know what is bothering him.Grace is a doll. Playing Mama already.The babies are absolutely divine.Hope you and Sarah are getting the hang of it. Give your old Grandma a break,short blog. OK??

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