HJ Sick Again

We’re not sure what’s going on. He came home from school yesterday (Friday) very quiet. After a while he told Sarah he was itchy, and sure enough he had a very light rash (no bumps, really just a fine pattern of slight discoloration) all over his arms and legs. We (bought and) gave him some Benadryl. He ate some dinner. Then, while getting ready for bed Sarah noticeds some dark spots (sort of purple) in his mouth. She called our doctor’s 24-hour nurse line. The nurse didn’t know what it was, but thought we should take him in.

So, with just 20 minutes until they closed, Sarah hurried Harrison to an affiliate of the pediatrician who was open until 9:00PM. I stayed home with Grace and the twins, Googling symptoms like mad and texting disorders that might fit so Sarah could ask the doctor about them: Coxsackie virus, scarlet fever, allergic reactions, ectopic pregnancy — none of them seemed to match for one reason or another.

The doctor thought it looked viral, but said it looked like the spots in HJ’s mouth had been bleeding. So they took some blood to check for platelet levels, which just freaked Sarah right out.

Harrison came home and went to bed. Sarah and I did a lot of Googling with no luck. Right now HJ still has the rash but says only the bottom of his feet itch. They should be calling with results of the blood test around mid-morning.

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