HJ . . . Better? Sarah Unfreaked

Harrison’s blood tests came back normal. This doctor (the one who interpreted the tests) said both the itching and the spots are just rashes. He (Harrison) is still itchy but otherwise seems to be more lively. We’ll see what today brings.

[Addendum: I forgot to include Harrison’s reaction to the blood test. He did not seem relieved at all, as he did not appear to be worried in the first place. However, upon hearing that the tests were all good, he said “Good. Now can I get my blood back?”

I told him he would just have to make some more.]

2 thoughts on “HJ . . . Better? Sarah Unfreaked

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Guys,
    I wonder if his rashes are due to outdoor allergies. The tree pollen is through the roof right now and he may react to it through his skin. I know that if I don’t take my zyrtec my skin starts to itch like crazy and I will end up with welts and rashes. Just a thought. It may also be due to the back end of a virus. Either way the benadryl will help. Take care, Emily

  2. Sarah

    Everything Dr. Google came up with also pointed to seasonal allergies, but I think it is more likely the tail end of a virus. I also thought that the rash looked like scarlet fever, but he tested negative for strep throat after they cultured the throat sample. Either way, his rash does appear to be getting better and he is itching occasionally as opposed to every second.

    I did freak when the doctor last night said that the marks in his mouth looked like abrasions that had been bleeding and that she wanted to check his platelets. Fortunately, all turned out well and as Scott’s title says “Sarah Unfreaked.”

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