Two Healthy Babies – One Healthy Surrogate

Sorry for the delay, everyone. I just got back to the motel room with HJ and Grace a little while ago, Grace desperately needed a bath (long story) and then I couldn’t get my wireless connection to work.

The c-section started a little late today but once it started it was like clockwork. Our girl was extracted first at 6 pounds, 11 ounces (that’s big for a 37-week twin). The boy took some pulling but came out a few minutes later at 7 pounds, 7 ounces (that’s big, big, big for a 37-week twin). She started out strong, he took a little while to get started, but they are both fine. His glucose was a little low, which could have explained his original sluggishness. He definitely isn’t sluggish now. He’s filled thee diapers (as of 9PM)!

Harrison and Grace are both fascinated. It is so important that they are there, so we are very lucky that Grandma and Grandpa Joe came down and took care of them most of the day. The logistics of having the twins at the hospital and HJ and Grace only able to tolerate the hospital for short spurts would have made this impossible.

This is a small town, but I think most of it has been in Geri’s small maternity room today. There is a bed, a love seat, and one chair, but we have had between six and twelve people, plus various children, plus two newborns in there most of the day. Very friendly people and we’ve been very happy to meet them, but I expect poor Geri was happy when visiting hours were over.

Not that it matters. A lot of them work there.

Tonight I’m with the original two kids at the motel while Sarahjane tends to the new ones at the hospital. They are in Geri’s room but she’s in no condition to care for them and it isn’t her job, anyway. We looking forward to having everyone home soon.

And no, she’s been as interested in them as anyone else, but she is absolutely not attached to them and wants us to take them home probably more than we do.

I’m sorry the pictures are so conspicuously absent from this post. We took lots of pictures, but a memory error with the camera is preventing me from posting them. By memory, I mean mine. I left the camera at the hospital.

I PROMISE I’ll post pictures as soon as I can tomorrow.

Goodnight, from a father of four.

3 thoughts on “Two Healthy Babies – One Healthy Surrogate

  1. Anonymous

    Wowie Zowie!!!!!!! Congratulations just does not cut it…..MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very excited to see you all!!!!!
    Much love and many, many hugs and kisses! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo K and J

    P.S. Have you picked out names?

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Orwigs:You indeed are blessed.The babies sound beautiful.I can hardly wait for the pictures.Itwas so nice that Mary and Joe could be with you. This old Grandma hasn’t got the gizmo anymore to do that stuff. My thanks to them for helping so much. God bless you all. Love, Mom and John

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