Tuesday Update – The Iron Dirigible

No big news, but updates from today’s OB appointment:

  • Geri’s blood pressure is a little high. Sarah’s was just before Harrison was born, so we’re not too worried. Heck, mine is high now and I’m not even pregnant.
  • In the magical fairy-land in which everything goes according to plan, we’ll check in by 7am Friday morning, the c-section will be done at 9am, and Geri and the twins will be released Sunday or (at the latest) Monday. We’ll see.
  • Geri will have plenty of family there, which is great. Some of them were concerned we would have a problem with them holding the babies. Sarah told Geri not only can they hold the babies right after they’re born, but they’re welcome to come back to Michigan with us, too, and hold them as much as they like.
  • Geri’s iron levels are still low, which probably means the twins are literally sucking the life out of her at this point. She’s already on iron supplements. They want to watch that, of course, not just for the health of the twins but also to keep Geri healthy during the c-section.
  • Geri is measuring at 46 weeks, so she’s back to about 10 weeks ahead of the twins.
  • Geri’s doctor, who you’d think (as an experienced OB) would be wiser about relying on the the reasonable sense of humor of a highly hormoned, very uncomfortable pregnant woman, actually referred to her as the “Little Hindenburg” today. Even I know better than to do that! I guess he figures Geri knows he’s the one who is actually going to extract the little darlings so he can get away with anything.

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