Take Two, They’re Small

So far I would say having twin newborn babies is about 50% harder than having just one. After all, most of the work at this age is in logistics and getting started. Once you’re up for a late night feeding, staying up a little later to stick a bottle in another one isn’t such a big deal. Diapers are easy at this stage, it’s getting all the peices together in the right place for a change that’s difficult.

One thing that’s undeniably harder is getting them from place to place. You can’t safely carry two newborns, so you end up having to go back and forth like a mother cat moving her litter. Actually, if we could just figure out how to carry the babies in our mouths, it would make moving the diaper materials easier. For obvious reasons, carrying the diaper materials in our mouths is not an option we’re willing to consider.

By the way, I don’t know if I ever mentioned on the blog that the first doctor (actually nurse practitioner) appointment went well. The NP thought the twins color looked okay and didn’t think a blood test was necessary. We would have preferred to know for sure, but we didn’t push the issue.

Another validating tidbit from the appoitment: Ours was the second “Shepard” she had seen this week. The other one spelled his name “Shepherd,” but I think that counts. Maybe we’re not as innovative as we thought.

7 thoughts on “Take Two, They’re Small

  1. Anonymous

    the kids are truly cute and a total blessing- I know Amy says you are not religious but I am — and these two little squirt are a blessing from God– healthy- happy- and good loving parents…
    Keep up the good work and count your blessings daily.
    Jen- the coworker full of questions

  2. Anonymous

    Ohhh and call your sister and get her involved in your family– there is only one aunt Amy– she has no computer at home ( by choice) but has a phone that would love to hear from her brother— family is sacrid and should be cherished–all we have is each other….especially if we ever need them in time of crisis— developing a relationship prior is crutial…. just learning that from experience…
    Enjoy your new family and enjoy your old one too….

  3. Scott Orwig

    There is certainly nobody else like Aunt Amy. I called her last night and told her to come over any time; we’re always home. She knows she can be involved as she wants. We can’t get enough Aunt Amy. I think she has a much more impressive social calendar than we do.

    Thanks for the good thoughts.

    And can you talk that woman into gettting a computer like the rest of the world? After all, she’s related to me which means she has geek in her blood.

  4. Anonymous

    Just won’t to tell you how beautiful these two little bundles are. Do you see any signs of identical twins???? I guess not from the looks of their photos. These little people are so blessed with two parents that would go to such extreme to have more children—-I know they will be loved and cared for……I also know your work is cut out for you. Good luck


  5. Anonymous

    Hey guys, good work! These two are just awesome. Can’t wait to see them in person. Claire and Katie keep telling me we need to see them before they’re 5! They exagerate, but I understand the point. We’ll have to keep that in mind this summer. Oh and someone explain to JTO how identical twins can’t happen with a boy and girl.
    Love, Emily

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