So Far, So Good

Geri had another regular appointment today and Sarah called in. Some facts:

  • She is having 3 to 4 contractions an hour, and actually had 7 in one hour the other night. Eight is her maximum before they increase her Terbulatine dose.
  • The babies turn 35 weeks this Saturday. If Geri starts labor after then, her doctor will increase the Terbulatine but won’t do the “mag wash” (i.e. put her back on magnesium sulfate). He’ll deliver them if the Terbulatine doesn’t work. Geri’s local hospital can handle babies at 35 weeks.
  • The twins are growing about a quarter to a third of a pound per week (just like their Dad). Although they are 34 weeks along now, Geri is measuring at 45 weeks. So it appears Geri got an eleven-week head start.
  • We had held open the possibility of delivering “naturally” (vs c-section), but the doctor finally talked Geri and Sarah into a definite c-section. At this point I expect Geri would agree to a nasal delivery (ouch!) just to get those restless Orwigs out of her.
  • Geri, who is obviously quite uncomfortable at this point, understandably wanted to move up the c-section a week to April 11th (just shy of 36 weeks). Sarah wanted to keep it on the 18th. So they negotiated. It will be on the 18th. Also Geri gave up GEN, which was a bit of a surprise.

The next appointment is Tuesday. Hopefully no news until then!

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  1. Anonymous

    Well, it certainly has been an adventurous week for you all! The glasses for Gracie look absolutely adorable! Abigail loved them 🙂
    Here’s hoping the twins “cook” another week or so! — Michele

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