Monday Night – HOME!

It’s 11PM Monday and we got home just about an hour ago. It was a longer drive home than usual with two lengthy stops for feeding and changing, but overall it wasn’t too bad. Sarah stayed in back playing R2D2 to the twinlets while I piloted.

Geri is fine and was released as expected. The paperwork got done through Sarah’s big city bullying and a daring small-town-only maneuver by Jeremy’s sister (more on that tomorrow). The biliruben levels were such that both twins need to be rechecked on Wednesday morning (already scheduled the appointment) but they didn’t need treatment.

I’ll do a more complete update in the morning. It’s time to go to bed tend to the twins.


5 thoughts on “Monday Night – HOME!

  1. Anonymous

    I’m glad things are settling down and hope all the legal stuff is over.Is Hillsboro,OHIO the city where the babies aere born? Please advise,as I keep a record of everyone in the family and I’m asssuming it is. Love from Florida.MOM & J

  2. Sarah

    All is well here at home. The legal stuff was completed prior to us heading home and the town where the twins were born was Hillsboro, Ohio. Love, Sarah

  3. Anonymous

    I am so happy the babies are healthy, happy and finally home. Amy has shared the Blogg with her favorite people, including me! Amy has been talking non stop about the new little ones, getting us all excited. Make sure you ask her to babysit soon.
    Jo Anne, Amy’s special friend.

  4. Anonymous

    Scott and family,

    No, I’m not a lesbian!! “Not there’s anything wrong with that.” Joanne and many Henry Ford people have been enjoying your blog too. I dared her to put from my “special friend.” I didnt think she would! Hope things are going well for you all. Suddenly, having a cat in a one bedroom apartment doesnt seem so bad? Huh?


  5. Scott Orwig

    I actually had a hotel room to myself for a few nights in Hillsboro, so no, one person in an apartment doesn’t sound bad at all right now.

    And Amy, it’s okay. We all really liked Jo Anne. The sooner you can accept what everyone already knows the sooner you can get on with your life.

    We’re looking forward to having Aunt Amy (and whichever special “guest” she chooses) come over to babysit soon.

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