Monday AM Status

Sarah, Kennedy, Shepard, and I are still here in Ohio. Harrison and Grace are back at home with Grandma. Geri and the babies haven’t been released yet.

We’re eager to get these babies home, but our hold-ups are:

  • Geri has to be released. Even if the babies are ready to go, my understanding is they won’t be released without Geri. Geri’s doing fine, though, so that isn’t likely to slow us down.
  • Kennedy and Shepard both have jaundice. That happens in more than half of newborns, particularly when they are born a little early. They are checking biliruben levels, and if the levels are too high the babies will be treated with light therapy. We’re waiting for the results.
  • Sarah doesn’t want to go (and she might be right) until the birth certificate paperwork is done. The judge signed the order Friday afternoon and it was sent here to our Hillboro motel. Unfortunately Saturday delivery isn’t available to Hillsboro, so it isn’t scheduled to arrive until sometime before 4:30PM today. If it were to arrive in the morning we could still get out of here today (although that would be best case). At most hospitals a signed order from a judge would be enough. This hospital, however, will fax the order to the county health department and won’t fix the birth certificate until the health department signs off. We’re told that can happen in hours, but then we were also told we would have the judge’s order by Saturday. In fact, we were told months ago that none of this would be a problem . . . but don’t get me started.

So there’s a chance we could all start home today. There’s also a chance the babies will be released today and we’ll live at a motel with them waiting for the paperwork to be done. Or they could be held at the hospital while they’re treated for jaundice.

I’ve been lingering here at the motel so I could hear the results and post an update, but I’ve got to go. I’m about to head for the hospital, where I can’t get online. Sarahjane will probably be back here soon to shower and check her email.

More to come.

6 thoughts on “Monday AM Status

  1. Anonymous

    All will be well. Things will turn out fine. While orders can be messy to get complete, you will have your babies home soon! I am so proud of all of you.

    Annette Travis

  2. Anonymous

    The babies are beautiful and so is everyone else in the pictures. Harrison and Grace are growing so fast. The babies are a good size for twins. I will save all the pictures. John and I congratulate you and Scott for you wonderful additons to your family. Love, Mom and John

  3. Anonymous

    Wow guys! The babies are adorable! Just adorable! We’re so very, very happy for you! (Harrison and Gracie look adorable too! What a beautiful family you make!) Now Harrison can teach them to swim!! 🙂 (Yeah baby…that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!) 🙂

    Much love to you all!!!!!!!!
    Kathy (and Jerry)

  4. Scott Orwig

    Thanks everyone! I got the pictures off the camera so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to overwhelm you with pictures of twins.

    Bear, I’m very impressed with your typing skills.

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