Hollywood Jumps on the Orwig Bandwagon

So last week’s Newsweek has a cover story about surrogacy, and now a major Hollywood movie features surrogacy, all within weeks of the birth of the Orwig Twins. Coincidence? I think not. It’s not the sort of thing you usually worry about in Ohio, but clearly we need to write the handling of paparazzi into the birth plan.

Uh oh. Item for Sarah’s to-do list: Write a birth plan.

I’m sure she’ll have it done before others are done reading this post. I’m finding myself anxious about the birth (and, with that not available at the moment, everything else in my life), but Sarah is about to teeter over the edge. When Sarah is anxious she goes into Productive Mode. The rest of us stand back and wait for her to return to us. We might need to start sedating her sometime early next week. Anyone know of a good mild sedative? I can’t guarantee she’s going to eat anything, so the sedative would probably have to be administered by some sort of dart as she runs by.

Poor Geri must be counting the minutes. She has had some bad nights of sleep, getting up every 30 minutes to answer natures call. That must be particularly torturous because dreaming is her only chance at a change in scenery. She’s in bed the rest of the time. We found out that Sunday Geri had enough contractions she actually packed a bag, but as she got up to go to the hospital they slowed down again. Wishful thinking perhaps.

The c-section is scheduled for 9:ooam on April 18th. We’ll see . . .

You can see the YouTube trailer of Baby Mama below, or if you’re a video purist you can view a higher resolution version.

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Jumps on the Orwig Bandwagon

  1. Anonymous

    Scott — I love the Orwig Blog — it’s my “treat” in the evenings after some very long days…I’m thinking of all of you (my sis had twins 9 years ago — they are GREAT!)…please let Sarah know that I’m “with” her….and that it will all work out (or they will work their way out – or something!)!

    Pam Paglino

  2. Sarah

    You are so sweet and right that it will all work itself out in the end. I just keep saying to myself…”deep breaths…deep breaths.” Eventually, I will listen to myself and hopefully, I won’t hyperventilate taking in all those deep breaths! Thanks again for the well wishes. Sarah

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