Here and Ready

We just came back from dinner with Geri and Jeremy, along with a bunch of kids and Grandma and Grandpa Joe. It was great. Geri is doing much better than when we last saw her in her hospital bed.

Geri checks in tomorrow at 7am, and the c-section is scheduled for 9am. We should have bit of a crowd at the hospital between the two families. In the room will be Geri (of course), Jeremy (tending to Geri), Sarah and I (stationed at the baby warmers, with me being as careful as possible not to see anything surgical), the doctor (second most important after Geri), a nurse (possibly his wife — seriously — this is a small town), and two nursing students (to distract me from the surgery).

Sarah and I have opposite worries. Our girl moves much more than the boy. She always has. So Geri and I are both a little worried about the boy. Sarah, on the other hand, points out that neither Harrison or Grace moved very much. So she is worried that the girl is moving too much.

Either way, we’ve got less than 12 hours left to worry.

Another stressor is the birth certificate. All of the bureaucratic steps have to go according to schedule or, ultimately, the hospital will produce the birth certificate with Geri and Jeremy listed as parents. None of us want that for lots of reasons. It could be undone but that would be time consuming and expensive. That’s not our primary concern right now but it is hanging out there.

So, off to bed for our (hopefully) last night as a family of four.

2 thoughts on “Here and Ready

  1. Anonymous

    Okay…okay….we’re waiting! It’s now 1513 and nothing yet. We pray all is well and that you’re two new family members are birthed and well!!! xoxoxoxxo K/J Burke

  2. Anonymous

    OOPS….in all the excitement, an error was made. Let me start again.

    Okay…okay. We’re waiting! It’s now 1513 and nothing yet. We pray all is well and that YOUR TWO NEW FAMILY MEMBERS are birthed and well! xoxoxoxoxoxo K/J Burke

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