Hardcore Video

All appears to be reasonably well in Orwigland. The twins have moved up from 2oz feedings to 3oz. The time between feedings is staying in the 2 to 3.5 hour range, but I think we’re hitting the higher end of that range more often than before.

After missing Monday of work last week, I worked half days Wednesday and Thursday and then a full day Friday. I did my usual day today. Sarah has been home with the twinlets, Grace, and Harrison (when he’s not in school) and she’s . . . well . . . let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m the one who stays home most of the time. If this went on much longer than a month I think Sarah would end up addicted to something (anything, really – whatever I could get her).

Also the kids would be unionized. I’m pretty sure I saw Harrison distributing some kind of leaflets to the twins.

Things have been very busy, but not overwhelmingly so. Really, the twins by themselves are not too much for experienced parents. It’s taking care of the twins while making sure the Senior Children are loved, fed, and prevented from killing each other that’s the real challenge. I don’t expect that challenge to go away.

Below is the little bit of video I took of Kennedy and Shepard in the hospital in Ohio. They’re only two days old, so the video is of them sleeping, laying down, and . . . well, really just sleeping. For hardcore baby fans, only:

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