Happy Less-Than-40th Birthday, Amy!

On April 6 in a year less than 40 years ago (very slightly less than 40 years ago) a cry emerged that announced the birth of Amy Orwig (or Willey or whatever she calls herself nowadays). A single cry was insufficient to announce such a wondrous creature, and so the cries continued day and night, foreshadowing with this unexpectedly powerful voice the unexpectedly powerful effects this person would have on all those around her. And now, so many years later, Amy continues to veil her amazing combination of intellect and compassion with her blonde flower-child personality, demonstrating bewilderment at electronic devices, choosing dangerous places to pull hooded sweatshirts over her head, and setting fire to medical buildings with popcorn so that she may conceal her identity as a resourceful crusader, working tirelessly to improve the lives of others.

In recent years, of course, Amy has taken on the near-mythical role of Aunt Amy (originally Aunt Mimi), a mysterious person with connections to both Mom and Dad but somehow more fun and more glamorous than either.

So Happy Birthday to you, Aunt Amy Orwig. May you enjoy today and the 364-day countdown that now begins.

3 thoughts on “Happy Less-Than-40th Birthday, Amy!

  1. Amy

    First off, thank you for the Birthday evening at the Cracker Barrel, home cookin’ and sitting on the porch. Special request… now that I have comment privledges -I can get on u tube and really enjoyed the “Phil” footage. I would really like to see some footage of Harrison & Gracie saying hello to the blogger audience. Can you get Harrison to tell the story of the “Ghost Bunny” or Gracie to purr like a cat so that I can show my work friends how adorable they are? Inquiring minds want to know…I’ll be waiting.
    Aunt Amy

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