Happy Birthday Matt

A little more than 50 years ago (very slightly more than 50) the Burke matriarch swelled to nearly twice her normal size, and soon realized it wasn’t just all the pies she was eating, but the impending birth of her first child that was to blame. He came out at 10 pounds, and has maintained his relative stature over the rest of us ever since (unlike his mother, who very quickly became petite once again).

Like his youngest sister Sarahjane, Matt has made the choice to tie his fortunes to the auto industry, and has demonstrated enough skill and agility to actually remain employed over the past few years. He has raised two promising young men, and somehow managed to earn a degree in the middle of it all.

Happy Birthday to Matthew from sister Sarah, Scott, Harrison, and Grace.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Matt, Happy birthday!! I was thinking of you yesterday once I realized that it was April 12th! See that’s the key, you have to know what day it is to remember these things! I’ll give you a call.

    Love, Emily

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