A Broken Promise About Pictures

Last night I promised pictures by tonight. I take such a promise seriously, but unfortunately technology [shakes fist at computer] forces me to break it.

I simply can not get the pictures we have taken so far from our digital camera to any computer here. I’ve tried this machine (a tablet with Vista), a laptop (with XP) and they simply would not recognize the SD card from the camera. So tonight I went out and bought a USB cable so I could use the camera itself as a hard drive and transfer the pictures. For some reason: No go. I can see the pictures on the card when I use the camera, and I have every reason to think they will eventually transfer (except my own irrational anxiety about pictures so important) but sadly I now think that will have to wait until we get home and put the camera in its cradle.

So tomorrow I’ll take more pictures with both my phone and the video camera and one of those ways will HAVE to work.

Until then, picture this:

Shepard: Traditional Orwig baby with chubbier cheeks. He looks like HJ and Grace when they were born, but with fewer chins than Grace and more hair than either of them.

Kennedy: Orwig nose. Otherwise, a thin Jame Burke. That’s right, our daughter looks like an Irish man. But I’m telling you, she makes it WORK.

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