Mongolian Barbeque

We did an adventurous thing on Saturday: We took the kids to the Mongolian Barbeque in Ann Arbor. We weren’t sure how they would take it. On the downside, they serve (primarily) food that is not pasta and white milk, there is lots of noise, actual flame, and there is sometimes a wait involved. On the positive side, they do have (a little bit) of pasta, white milk, and things to watch.

As it turned out we did have to wait but Harrison and Grace occupied themselves pretty well pretending to cook Harrison’s hat as a “pizza” and serving it to Sarah and I. When the pager went off Harrison grabbed it and took it up to the hostess himself. It turned out they had also (if you’ll pardon the expression) beefed up their vegetarian choices of things to cook, so Harrison was able to select lots of pasta, broccoli, and corn. He literally jumped up and down as they cooked it.

Grace was interested in the cooking and just ate a tiny bit of her meal. But that’s all she ever eats at home, too, so we can hardly blame that on the Mongolians.

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