Jersey Report – Sat AM

Just got off the phone with the Temporary Jersey Girl. She made it in last night.

Updates on Claire from The Garden State:

  • Claire has had more tubes, etc, removed recently, which must make her feel better.
  • She has been out of bed a few times.
  • She’ll be moving out of Intensive Care as soon as there is space somewhere else.
  • In addition to the very specific chemotherapy Claire is receiving, she is getting a steroid treatment to reduce swelling.
  • If her pancreas performs as expected, Claire will actually be able to eat some jello in a few days!

As for things here in the Multi-Primary State, we’re getting along. The bedtime routine was all out of whack without Mom, of course, but teeth got brushed, pajamas donned, and songs sung. Grace pointed out with panic as she was dropping off to sleep that she had forgotten to wash her face. I told her we would do it twice today.

The kids both really miss Mom. Gracie keeps saying “I want my Mommy back,” particularly when I get something wrong.

I discovered one of those “parenting tips” to make bedtime go more smoothly: Keep the kids up way past their bedtime. Then they don’t argue about going to bed and fall right off to sleep when they hit the pillow.

I wonder if the same would work for mealtime? Can you get a kid hungry enough to eat a Ceaser Salad? See, put a psychologist 100% in charge of the kids for a few days, and these are the kinds of things you can learn.

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