Impressive Napping

Grace isn’t big on naps, and I tend to keep us running around so much in the afternoons that she doesn’t often get much chance. She needs them, though. She’s a bear in the evening if she hasn’t slept at least an hour in the afternoon.

She does fall asleep in the car. So a pretty common scenario is that we’re driving along, having a conversation, pointing things out to each other along the way, and suddenly I realize I’ve been able to follow several paragraphs of whatever podcast I’m listening to without distraction. I check: Sure enough, she’s out cold.

I’m getting pretty good at slipping her inside without waking her. No matter how far gone she is, if I try to put her on her bed she jumps awake and that’s the end. So I just lay her down on the rug in the foyer and she can sleep for hours.

Harrison and I can hold normal conversations and watch TV. I step over her on the way in and out of the den. The cats sniff her every now and then. I haven’t tried vacuuming yet, but when this girl naps, she naps.

One thought on “Impressive Napping

  1. Anonymous

    Michaela was the same way. You could be half way through a sentence and she was gone. It sometimes took a while to realize she was sleeping. Of course, as you said, as soon as she touched the air space around the bed, she was up like a bolt. This to shall pass. It is a fun age.


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