Home Sweet Home

Selfishly, the best news I can deliver about NJ today is that Sarahjane is no longer there. It was good that she went. That was where her mind was anyway, so she wasn’t any good to us here. But now she’s done it and she’s back.

Sarah has been texting me so much good news about Claire it has been hard to keep up. She (Claire) has eaten jello, juice, and broth. She’s walking a little. She’s making platelets now. They lowered her steroid treatments. Best of all, at last word the tentative plan was for Claire to return home this Wednesday.

I’m sure it will still be a long, hard trip back to regular life, but it sounds like the journey has begun.

[p.s. – Emily sent word that their home phone isn’t working right now, so the best way to reach Emily and Mike is by cell phone.

Emily, I took your cell phone numbers down just to make sure no bad guys can get at them! Sarah will email them to her family list.]

One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Scott,
    Thank you so much for lending Sarah to us for a few days! Claire is home and doing well, although I think she’s looking a little yellower than normal and we will have that looked at tomorrow when we go in for her 2nd chemo treatment. One her biggest struggles is dealing with only being allowed 10g of dietary fat each day. Her pancreas has strict limits and it is frustrating to a kid who is used to eating what ever she wants! Take care, Emily

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