Claire Update – Saturday 11pm

We’re worried. It’s been a somber and distracted evening.

Claire’s symptoms, frankly, appear to be getting worse. If her diagnosis is what they suspect then there are treatments. They have to be right about the treatment, though, or the consequences could be severe. The results of the recent bone marrow biopsy could take days. Claire has to hang on until then.

Sarah is beside herself. Her experience has taught her (for better or worse) that a patient shouldn’t be patient when a doctor says to wait. But she knows this one has to be right. The kids keep trying to cheer her up in their seven and three year-old ways.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have lived the terror of being afraid for a child. But still we can’t know exactly what Mike and Emily are feeling right now. We just know that parents endure what they have to endure and we wish we could somehow make it better.

And poor Claire is in a lot of pain.

We’re worried.

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