Claire update (8:45 PM)

Sarah just got a text message from Emily. Apparently there were no lesions in Claire’s stomach, but there were some in her . . . maybe nasal passages (? – sorry for the uncertainty). The suspicion appears to be that she had been swallowing the blood from there. Claire had no platelets, and the bleeding started getting suddenly worse, so they brought in an ENT who cauterized the bleeding. At this point I’m assuming that the mono is to blame for the absence of platelets.

Also, they weren’t satisfied with how fast Claire’s kidneys were responding, so tonight they started dialysis. So that’s good for Claire, but it can’t be what anyone wanted. Hopefully it will take the pressure off her kidneys and allow them to improve at their own rate.

I had a central line put in once when I was 25 and I was a total wimp about it. I can’t imagine how Claire is coping with the kind of plumbing that must be necessary for dialysis.

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