Adventure in Dayton

I just have a few moments at a hotel lobby computer here. Long story short:

We all came down Thursday to stay over before an ultrasound on Friday. Geri’s whole family came too, so we planned to make a little party of it.

As it turned out, Geri got a bad case of the stomach flu everyone else had. She had a miserable night. Even worse, it appears that trauma sparked off pre-term labor. So she was admitted yesterday and put on anti-labor drugs. They also gave her steroids to increase the chances that the twins 32 week-old lungs would be developed if they couldn’t stop the labor.

Skipping to the end, it appears the labor is stopped and we won’t be delivering (now 33 week-old) twins. But it also seems unlikely now that we’ll make it to April 18th.

Sarah and I are staying down here until Geri is released but Grandma is taking the kids back home.

More to come when I get a chance.

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