Past Time for a Blog

I’ve been holding out long enough. I read blogs. I spend all day and night at the computer (with occasional interruptions for food, sleep, and parenting), I type fast, I make web sites . . . this is a no brainer. So why has it taken so long? Well, because:

  1. I am a perfectionist. Therefore my blog would have to be absolutely perfect.
  2. I, like most software developers, operate on the subconcious conceit that I can do anything better than any other developer. Therefore, my blog would have to be not only perfect, but also coded from scratch and with more functionality than any other blog engine ever written.
  3. As a full-time Dad with a part-time job and several part-time hobbies (all nerd related), I haven’t really had time for #s 1 & 2.
  4. The longer I wait, the perfecter and superiorer it has to be.

In other words, I’ve been waiting because I’m a neurotic, egotistical crazy person. So, swallowing the perfectionism, hiding the ego (even though I could TOTALLY write a better blogging engine than Google), and adding this to my list of hobbies, here I go.

Now where is the spell-check on this thing? My spelling has to be perfect.

What, no spell-check?!? If I coded this, it would have spell-check . . .

2 thoughts on “Past Time for a Blog

  1. Blaine

    Just read the story about Harrison’s project this afternoon. The first time I blogged I saw only the pictures. Tell Harrison his grandfather is really impressed. What is the difference between a Blog & a website?

  2. Scott Orwig

    Sorry, Dad, I just noticed that you actually commented!

    A blog is a type of website. The word “blog” comes from the original term “web log”, which was shortened by people who were too utterly cool to bother with two words. So a blog is more like a (very public) diary than a traditional website. The posts are sequential, with the most recent appearing at the top and the older ones remaining below.

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